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Hungama Digital Media was founded in 1999 as an online promotions agency. Its HQ is in Mumbai, India. The company has its presence in the mobile games, video streaming and music streaming segment. In addition, it has a subscription revenue model in place, which means that you pay a monthly subscription fee to access certain features.

Music streaming app

Hungama Music has recently launched their new app. The app allows you to stream music online. It is available for Android and Apple iOS.

Hungama has a library of over two million songs. You can also access music videos. There is also a Discovery Engine which serves music based on your mood, genre, tempo, and language.

Hungama also offers a loyalty program which lets you earn points for every action you take. These points can be redeemed for free music downloads, movie tickets, autographed merchandise, and more. They can also be used to purchase gadgets.

The Hungama app is designed to be intuitive and secure. It doesn’t require you to provide personal information. However, it does ask for very few permissions.

Hungama users can enjoy music in over twenty languages. A free trial gives you thirty seconds to sample a song. Those who want to listen to full length songs must sign up for a subscription.

Video streaming platform

Hungama, a leading digital entertainment company in India, has a diverse portfolio of services. The company offers a multilingual music library, movies, and TV shows. It is also a distributor of independent artists.

Hungama offers free and paid subscription plans. Subscribers can watch 30 second videos and listen to ad-free music. They can also explore a multi-genre video library.

In addition to offering ad-free streaming, Hungama has introduced a loyalty program. Users can earn points for every action they take on the Hungama app. These points can be redeemed for free music downloads. Also, customers can participate in a virtual concert vertical, which will allow them to watch top musicians for just Rs20.

Another feature is the Discovery Engine. This allows users to select songs based on their preferences. For example, the Discovery Engine will serve music based on language, genre, and era.

Mobile games company

Hungama is a Mumbai based company that is currently the largest developer, publisher and aggregator of South Asian mobile entertainment. It is also a major player in the online space with over 800 games and hundreds of websites and apps in its portfolio.

Hungama Mobile is a division of Virtual Marketing India Pvt Ltd. The company’s portfolio includes music and video streaming, games, marketing and advertising, mobile and social networking, and e-commerce.

Among the various brands under the Hungama umbrella, the games and e-commerce arm of the company is perhaps the most prominent. The company boasts of a user base of over a billion in 190 countries. With the advent of 3G and low-cost handsets, there is a chance that the mobile gaming industry will pick up steam in the near future.

Compatible with android version 5.0 and above

Hungama is a music application that gives you access to a vast collection of songs. The application is very easy to navigate and offers a wide variety of genres. You can download songs in any language.

Hungama also offers a wide range of movies. It features content from Bollywood and other Indian movies, as well as blockbusters from Hollywood. With Hungama, you can stream content directly to your mobile device.

Users can browse through a library of over 150,000 short-format videos. The application also allows you to enjoy movies and shows offline. Using the app, you can save your favorite shows and playlists, and resume where you left off.

Hungama has a point-based subscription model, but if you are not willing to pay for premium downloads, you can still use the free version of the application. There are some limitations, however, and the app only lets you watch videos with certain video content whotimes.

Subscription revenue per month

Hungama is an Indian digital entertainment company based out of Mumbai. It operates a multi-genre video platform called Hungama Play and a music streaming app called Hungama Music. In addition, it runs a social media marketing and mobile marketing division.

Its most popular service, Hungama Play, has over 55 million users. The platform allows consumers to watch the first 10 minutes of a movie for free. Also, it has a ‘Rent’ feature which allows subscribers to access their purchased movies for seven days or longer. Besides that, the company has also launched a loyalty program for its fans.

Another popular app is the ‘Wynk’ app, which has over 100 million installs and over 1.5 billion monthly streams. It provides listeners in India and 15 other countries with playlists, voice search, personalized radio and more starsfact.


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