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How to Mix and Match Sofas and Chairs

Regardless of the style of your room, there are several ways to mix and match sofas and chairs. This technique gives you the opportunity to create a more stylish and sophisticated look while still achieving balance in your room. Adding cushions in alternating colours is a good way to emphasize the contrast of the chairs and sofas. You can also incorporate some soft furnishing in the room to complement the sofas.

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To mix and match sofas and chairs, consider the proportions of the sofas and chairs. If the sofa is larger than the chair, make sure the chairs are the same height. If they aren’t, make sure the fabric of the sofa and chair matches. If the sofa is made of leather, don’t use two leather chairs. For chairs made of velvet, match a patterned fabric sofa with a solid colored one.

If you want to create a sophisticated, modern look, try a monochrome color scheme. It puts a simple spin on the mix-and-match vibe. A retro-style living room, on the other hand, features a classic pea-green sofa and armchairs in 1940s-style. This combination of contrasting styles provides a vibrant pop of colour, while keeping the room neutral.

When mixing and matching sofas and chairs, always make sure that the style of the two pieces matches. It is also advisable to use accent pillows, which serve as a visual point of reference to balance a room. Besides, accent pillows add a touch of color that brings together two pieces. It also helps to anchor the room’s overall theme. If you have more than one colour, you can always match them with each other, but don’t mix too much.

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