Asia Pulp and Paper Annual Report

Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) is an Indonesian pulp and paper company with over 19 million tons of pulp and paper product capacity. However, the company has faced controversy for its human rights and environmental practices Lifebehavior. It has been known to engage in deforestation, harassment of local communities, and massive emissions of greenhouse gases. The company has also been criticized for its lack of transparency.

APP was founded in 1972 and grew into one of the world’s largest producers of paper. The company has expanded its operations while not losing sight of its commitment to customer satisfaction Stoptazmo. This has resulted in a larger market share and an expanding geographic footprint with offices in numerous countries. APP is a global leader in the paper industry, with over half a billion tons of annual paper production.

The company has also responded to years of pressure by implementing a new Forest Conservation Policy. With this new policy, the company has committed to zero deforestation Nutaku. This has been a major step for the company, which had been plagued by environmental conflict for two decades. The new policy also extended a moratorium on logging in natural forests and peatlands. It also recognized customary rights to land Todayeduhub.

Despite environmental issues, APP has continued to expand beyond its capacity to source from plantations. Its new giant mill OKI in South Sumatra has added 3.2 million tonnes of pulp to the company’s production Dbfile. It also plans to build a 5 million ton paper mill in India. Increasing its capacity to produce paper while expanding suppliers has angered environmental groups.

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