An In-depth Overview of the Occupations Available in Icarus M

Explore the captivating realm of Icarus M, a mobile MMORPG created by Wemade Entertainment. Drawing inspiration from the classic PC game “Riders of Icarus”, this game offers a magical, adventurous experience with epic battles. One of the most remarkable aspects of Icarus M is its diverse and fascinating profession system. In this guide, we will investigate the five main professions of the game: Guardian, Archer, Shadow Assassin, Wizard, and Artist. Each profession has its own set of exclusive talents, advantages, and weaknesses, giving gamers a plethora of options to tailor their gaming experience.

An Unstoppable Protector: The Guardian

In Icarus M, Guardians demonstrate incredible close-quarters combat abilities, using their physical strength to safeguard their friends and destroy enemies. Their robust defense and effective strikes guarantee the safety of their allies as well as inflict a substantial amount of damage to opposition.

The Guardian’s most renowned abilities demonstrate their power:

– Shield Strike (Active Skill): Generating three shields to safeguard the user and simultaneously inflicting harm on enemies in the vicinity.

– Punishing Strike (Active Skill): Damaging by stomping the ground vigorously. After three applications, it will change into Punishment Cleave.

– Punishment Cleave (Conditional Skill): Damaging opponents and suspending them in midair.

– Earth Shatter (Combo Skill): Lunge forward and deliver a powerful strike with your sword on the ground, dealing massive harm to foes in front.

Archery: Rapid Accuracy

Archery is an art that requires swift precision in order to achieve success. With the right technique and accuracy, the shooter can hit their target with ease. The skill and focus that archers possess are what make them successful. Every shot needs to be carefully considered and executed. The smallest miscalculation can cause the arrow to miss the target. It is important for the archer to remain focused and practice regularly to ensure accuracy in each detectmind.

For those who like to keep their enemies at a distance, the Archer is an optimal pick. In Icarus M, Archers can send a barrage of arrows toward their foes, quickly dispatching them with their consistent and precise attacks. They are nimble and can incapacitate opponents, making them a powerful force in any battle.

One of the Archer’s most remarkable abilities is their ability to be precise.

– Diffusion Arrows (Active Skill): Firing off five arrows that cause considerable harm. The cooldown period is 8 seconds koiusa.

– Precision Shot (Active Skill): Capable of doing massive damage to opponents. After being utilised three times, it will be replaced with Rapid Shot. It has a 10 second cooldown.

– Rapid Shot (Conditional Skill): Inflicting considerable harm to adversaries and suspending them in the air.

– Starlight Pierce (Active Skill): Reaching level 10 enables this basic attack skill to stun enemies for a period of 3 seconds.

– Dragon Wave (Combo Skill): When maxed out, this move deals 281.7% damage to the opponent and inflicts persistent bleeding for a period of 10 seconds.

A Menace Lurks in the Shadows: The Shadow Assassin

The Shadow Assassin is a figure of great prowess in the shadows full of threats. Although the damage they can cause is not the strongest, they are incredibly quick and accurate. In the world of Icarus M, they are the masters of close-quarters combat, attacking their adversaries with an incredible speed and precision. Their power to stay unnoticed and then launch powerful combos makes them a dreaded enemy, one who is both silent and deadly.

The most remarkable features of the Shadow Assassin are their agility and accuracy, which they demonstrate skillfully.

– Moonlight Slash (Active Skill): Unleashing a combo of six strikes, which are delivered from six distinct spots. The fourth, fifth, and sixth strikes cause 50%, 100%, and 150% damage respectively.

– Crescent Kick (Active Skill): Leaping and attacking the target four times with damage at 36.6%, followed by a change to Half Moon Kick after three uses.

– Leaf Fall (Conditional Skill): Users can grab a suspended target and cause them to drop to the ground, dealing 422.4% damage. Furthermore, a 120% damage is inflicted in the area of the landing.

– Whirlwind Slash (Combo Skill): After executing a basic attack, a swift upward kick and a combination of swift spinning slashes are done, resulting in fivefold damage inflicted to both the user and nearby targets.

An Elemental Sorcerer: The Wizard

The title of this powerful being is a Wizard, a master of the elements.

Using the potent energy of the elements, the Wizard appears as a formidable mage able to conjure both fire and ice. They can bring down their adversaries from a safe distance with their control over these two elements. Wizards are a great addition to any party, as they can deal out massive magical damage and keep control of the situation.

The Wizard’s most impressive abilities are their expertise in manipulating the elements:

– Fireball (Active Skill): Calling down a mighty fireball from the heavens to burn foes to ash.

– Ice Shards (Active Skill): By freezing the water molecules located beneath the enemies, it immobilizes them while also dealing damage. After using it three times, it changes into Ice Cone Barrage.

– Ice Cone Barrage (Conditional Skill): Utilizing frost to encase foes and inflict 198.6% harm.

– Flame Rain (Active Skill): A three-part attack sequence is unleashed. Initially, a deluge of fire is released, followed by a barrage of fiery projectiles descending from the heavens. Lastly, holy flames are summoned to inflict heavy damage on all enemies within the vicinity.

– Flame Dance (Combo Skill): Utilizing a fiery pillar to produce seven hits of 41.2% damage.

The Force of Creativity: An Artist

In a universe where creative expression meets battle, the Artist is a singular and captivating job. Despite their diminutive and attractive facade, the Artist holds a giant paintbrush that can unleash a wealth of inventive and destructive assaults.

The Artist’s main capabilities include their inventiveness and proficiency:

– The Active Skill of Bear’s Authority calls forth a painted bear paw to hit the foe.

– Master of the Sea (Active Skill): Using colored ink to create a shark-shaped figure which produces a shark that will leap from the ground and attack foes. After three usages, it morphs into God’s Power.

– Divine Might (Conditional Talent): Evoking a colossal shark from beneath the earth to assail enemies and suspend them in the sky.

– Blossoming (Combo Skill): Representing the development of flowers, this skill causes harm to foes from buds to seedlings to tall trees.

In Summary

In Icarus M, players can pick a profession that best suits their playstyle and desired path to success. Through comprehending the advantages, disadvantages, and specific capabilities of each profession, gamers can make a wise decision and bring out the real power of the character they have selected. By using the Redfinger Android Emulator, gamers can explore different playstyles, become proficient in their chosen class, and embark on a legendary journey in the fantasy realm of Icarus M.

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