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Hoichoi is an Indian subscription video on-demand service that is available on both iOS and Android devices. The app is based out of Kolkata, India and was launched on September 20th of this year. It is owned by SVF Entertainment Pvt Ltd, a company with headquarters in the city of Kolkata.

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App availability on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku TV

The Hoichoi App has a wide range of Bengali movies and shows for you to enjoy. This application is available for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku and many other platforms. You can also watch free content through this application. However, you need to activate this app first.

First of all, download the Hoichoi app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. There, you will find a unique activation code that you need to enter.

Once you are able to activate the app, you can use it to watch your favorite content. Hoichoi has over 2,000 Bengali films, songs and web series for you to enjoy.

The app allows you to download online films and shows to watch later. In addition to the streaming features, there is an audio streaming feature for you to listen to your favorite songs.

Ad-free streaming

Hoichoi, a Bengali entertainment portal, was launched on 20 September 2017. It is an over-the-top (OTT) video streaming platform dedicated to the Bengali language and features over 500 movies, songs, original shows and web series.

The Hoichoi catalogue is a treasure trove of Bengali content and includes over 1000 Bengali songs. Moreover, Hoichoi offers more than 200 movies with English subtitles. In addition, it also has a subscription feature that lets users download or stream their favorite content offline.

Users can access Hoichoi’s content through its website or on its dedicated app. The portal has a wide range of genres, including thrillers, romance, humor and more. Popular shows include Eken Babu, Mohomaya, Tansen er Tanpura and Kaiser. You can stream popular shows on its MX Player webpage or via the official app on Roku, Android TV, Apple TV, and Android devices.

Collection of Bengali movies

Hoichoi is an online video streaming platform Smihub with a slew of features and benefits. For starters, it offers an impressive collection of Bengali movies and shows. You can watch the latest blockbusters and Bengali classics on the go. In fact, it even has a robust music library that features songs from a variety of genres, including a few by Arindom and Shreya Ghoshal.

To help you get the most out of your subscription, Hoichoi has also launched a suite of exclusive Original Shows. These include the aforementioned and a host of other original programming. As part of its ongoing 14 Din 14 Parbon initiative, Hoichoi has also announced the launch of a special movie marathon to coincide with the upcoming Durga Puja festival. It is also worth mentioning that Hoichoi offers a one-month subscription free of charge.

Dubbed content in Hindi

The Bengali OTT platform Hoichoi focuses on providing the most popular Bengali movies to its customers. It offers over 500 Bengali movies, more than 100 originals and more than 1,000 songs and melodies. In addition, it provides the option to download content to watch offline.

As of September 2020, Hoichoi has 13 million subscribers. Subscribers can choose from two plans. They include a monthly subscription plan with a free trial, or a yearly plan that allows users to watch up to two streams at the same time. These subscriptions are not device specific, so you can use your phone, laptop, computer or even your TV to watch the latest episodes.

Hoichoi is available on Android, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and more. You can watch Bengali movies and other Bengali-language entertainment anytime, anywhere.


Hoichoi is an Indian online video streaming platform that offers original Bengali web series. The company is also known for its huge library of Bengali movies and music. It has more than 500 Bengali films and songs, including many of the best and most popular. Moreover, it has introduced a subscription option that allows users to watch content offline. In order to subscribe to Hoichoi, users must first sign up with their email address or a phone number.

Hoichoi is a relatively new service that focuses on Bengali language films and entertainment. It features more than 500 Bengali titles, including more than 100 SVF-produced films. Besides these, the company is also known for its original web-series and a wide range of short films. Currently, Hoichoi is the only OTT platform in Bengal that focuses on Bengali language content.

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