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5 Way A Locksmith Can Help Achieve Better Lock Maintenance

Didn’t you know that your lock should be serviced from time to time so that it can last you the full eight years of its useful life or much more? Well, now that you do, it’s time to invest in it! Today we’re going to explain five ways in which a locksmith will maintain your door depending on the special needs you have at the time.

Cleaning and lubrication

This is basic and is usually performed twice a year during the times that can most influence the rusting of the locks’ interior systems. The first thing the locksmith will do is apply a special petroleum based product for professional use only that will need to be sprayed on and allowed to sit for a while. 

Then with special cleaning materials such as sponges, they will wipe up the spilled lubricant in the surrounding area and finish removing the remaining dust that accumulates inside the locks. 

Extending the life of the hinges

Believe it or not, the door is a structure that works as one superstep, if one thing is not working it will directly affect the other, so the hinges of the locks must also be well placed, not rusted, and in good condition in order to give good functionality to the lock. 

A spring hinge is this small metal structure that you see between the door and the lock mortise, which if it is in bad condition can prevent the door from closing properly or can corrode if it is rusted. So once a year they should be replaced, which is not very expensive. 

Tightening the lock

With constant use, it is quite normal that the latch of the lock loosens and prevents the locking mechanism of the door to work properly, for example, we can observe jamming, or poor alignment with the bolt. 

For this reason, the lock should be opened and the edges of the bolt should be filed so that it has a proper grip again and prevents us from being locked out of the house if it closes suddenly by mistake. 

Other types of maintenance are also done if necessary, for example, sometimes it is necessary to fill the screw holes with a material that generates friction.

Cleaning the locks

You will be surprised by the amount of garbage that locks can accumulate, but it is normal, we must remember that they are in constant use and all the dirt that we bring from the street will be both in the key and in our hands, which makes direct contact with this device. 

The maintenance of locks is easy, we apply an abrasive but special chemical product that takes care of the finish of the lock but that disintegrates the grease or internal dirt, which if it is not removed can cause opening problems. 

Re-qualification or replacement of door locks

If the lock is past its useful life and the failures do not start to lighten up with constant maintenance, it is a clear sign that a lock change is due soon. The locksmith at the time of maintenance will be clear about the condition of your lock.

Remember that this is a general overhaul, changing the lock combination will not do much for the overall appearance of the lock.

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